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    How can I keep a man in a partnership? The answer to this query is not as complex as it might seem. Even though there are numerous ladies out there struggling to stay in a relationship, maintaining a man interested in a women is fairly simple.1. Get a lifeNo, this is not a joke. Men get effortlessly bored of boring women. This is the most important piece of advice you can get. Think on how you can maintain your life as fascinating as feasible. How is this possible? Initial of all, remain in touch with your buddies never ever sacrifice your friends for a partnership. Educate yourself. Study books, newspapers, or magazines. If you are unemployed, get out of your living space and get a job, any job will do. Try out a new hobby. Be as social as you can. Do not be afraid to meet new individuals.two. Stop acting like his mother, he may get used to itIf you haven’t already noticed, you are not in a relationship with your future son. Even although taking care of your man is a step in the correct direction, do not overdue it. Males are boys in their own way, but I seriously doubt that there is a non psychotic man on earth that would want to have sex with his mother, so do not act like her. If you continue performing so, your relationship is most most likely to finish up like a Greek tragedy.3. Look mattersAfter becoming with a partner for a while, numerous women frequently fail to take care of their appearance. There is no need to torture your self to appear like Kate Moss, but it is in your best interest to maintain yourself in wholesome physical shape. Men are visual creatures. Attempt wearing something attractive every now and then you will see the distinction in his reactions.four. Sex is not for totally freeWhat’s on a man’s mind? You guessed right, sex. But there is no fun in it if he doesn’t earn it. A mans primal instincts drives him to hunt down his prey. This is what stimulates him the most. Do not serve yourself on a platter for him, let him hunt you down. Play the game don’t make it as well easy on him.five. The thin red lineDon’t let anyone take you for granted. Never put up with poor behavior. The only way to earn his respect is to draw the thin red line between the issues you can place up with and the things that will send him out the door. Show confidence in your self. There is nothing more appealing to a man.For those whose interest is how to keep a man interested in you forever, we have the responses.