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    Both Muslims and Christians are seriously trying to worship and also serve the Lord. We see that there is much misunderstanding when comparing Islam versus Christianity The fact will invariably remain that there’s only One Lord. Each faith features major differences regarding Jesus Christ and scripture explaining that there is just one true Lord. The scriptures for Islam state that Jesus Christ was simply a prophet when Christianity is convinced He was the actual Son of God.The truth is that only the one genuine God loves you. One passage within the Qur’an provides a crystal clear comprehension whether Allah truly loves humanity or not. Allah claims humanity and angels are created only to praise him. Jesus Christ, nevertheless, loves all people and is the true Lord from the Holy Bible. While we were still sinners, Christ died upon the cross demonstrating his passion for all of us.Islam teaches that you can’t know or have a relationship with the Lord. All of the Islam followers are subject to an overseer with Allah just like that of slaves. It’s recognized we have the actual free gift of salvation given to us all by Jesus Christ.There are a lot of people who believe the Holy Bible and Qur’an are comparable and both let you know the Lord. Just the Holy Bible enables you to truly understand the Lord and is also the actual Word of God. On the other hand, the particular God from the Qur’an doesn’t allow knowing him. It’s not allowed to know Allah in true Islam. If someone claims to fully understand Allah it’s considered heresy. In Islam, such people are called Sufis and are usually branded as heretics.The actual Qur’an teaches that Allah would not send any helper to die in your spot and he did not and will not do that. It affirms in the Qur’an that this is really. The Qur’an states even further that it hadn’t been Christ who perished upon the actual cross for us but it was Judas that had been crucified in His place. The Qur’an claims there is no need for a sacrifice for sin because that is man’s issue only.Many Muslims need to learn much more about Jesus and also to understand Him. There is a lot of interest to find out more from the facts associated with Islam versus Christianity. Muslims are trained to think that Jesus Christ was just a prophet, which is false teaching. A principal objection when speaking with a Muslim acquaintance regarding Jesus you will usually end up being informed that the Bible was altered. There’s a false belief that there have been changes to the New Testament to make Jesus Christ the Son of God and not just a prophet. This provides Muslims grounds to not pay attention to the truth associated with God’s salvation and forgiveness from the sacrifice of Jesus.There isn’t any real proof in this corruption of understanding. So, we must be prepared to explain to these people in a friendly way that their concept of the Bible becoming corrupted is not true. It’s a delicate issue when examining Islam vs Christianity.